DELO is a functional prototype of a programmable watch, a side-project of Aeolab in 2005-7. Tiny inexpensive OLED screens first became available around that time and GIF image format had just entered public domain, so we toyed with an idea of marrying these hardware and software technologies in a digital watch with changeable animated faces. Since time always goes up sequentially, designing a watch face could be pared down to creating transitions between each digit using a companion software program.

The project resulted in a custom-designed PCB powered by ARM7 microprocessor, with OLED driver and lithium-polymer battery charging circuits. We developed firmware for the watch in C including graphics functions such as 2D & 3D transformations as well as animated GIF decoding / playback. For the enclosure, we CNC milled a couple of prototypes in Ebony hardwood and aluminum, paired with scavenged bracelets and button hardware.